CEIBS MBA Healthcare Club

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA Healthcare Club
Club Vision: 

Connect students from our batch. We wish to create meaningful and sustainable connection between our batch 2020 and key stakeholders to enable student’s full potential. Because the healthcare industry is vast (Pharma, MD, Hospital, I health, consulting etc.), we want to make sure that every students are equipped with the tool and connection which will make him succeed. That s why we also have in our team are expert in all aspects of healthcare industry (Pharma, MD, Hospital and Supplier)

Strive to make the healthcare club a catalyzer of MBA students’ success. We want to transform the healthcare club into a club who turned members into elites of the healthcare industry, equipped them with cutting edge skills, for the greater good of the patients.We are inspired by the e-lab success and want to leverage their learning in the healthcare club. We wish to see more top executive CEO/GM talk, master class on cutting edge technology to turn our batch in the leader of tomorrow.

bring this connection further, beyond the MBA. We want to reinforce the CEIBS healthcare community, connecting existing students, but also former students between them. Inspired by other school MBA students, we wish to organize and improved networking events outside of the school such as afterwork, outside campus lecture. We wish to cooperate with the EMBAs and alumni to create this long sustainable community.

We are batch 2020, we are one!

Club Activities or Events: 

Term 1:

  • Healthcare Connection (August 30)

  • Clinic/hospital visit (September 27)

  • Master Class by J&J executive (October 10)

  • Weekly info (top healthcare info in the industry)


Term 2:

  • Artificial Intelligence and healthcare talk (October November)

  • Leadership in healthcare (talk) (November)

  • Novartis &/or Takeda visit (November December)

  • Weekly info (top healthcare info in the industry)


Term 3:

Activities during the third term focus on helping students to get an optimal summer internship

  • Great shanghai healthcare Network event January

  • Mock up interview

  • Company visits

Term 4:

Foster the knowledge of all students with cutting edge knowledge and skills about the healthcare industry.

  • CEIBS and Yale event

  • MD or supplier company visit (considered for this month)

  • Preparation to healthcare competition case


Term 5:

  • After work networking events


Other projects not associated to a precise term:

  • Weekly info (top healthcare info in the industry)

  • Improve the branding of the healthcare club

  • Involve the club into caritative activities focusing on patients

President Name: 
Ivanka Hu

Club Contact Information