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Friday, April 1, 2016

Inside China’s Auto Industry

March 29, 2016. Shanghai – Valuable data on China’s 15 largest automakers plus a comprehensive look at the country’s roughly RMB 6 trillion auto industry have been conveniently packaged in one publication, The Chinese Automotive Industry in 2016

This is the third edition of what has become an eagerly anticipated yearly look at the world’s leading automaker and it’s increasingly important role. The book provides the latest industry data on capacity, production, sales, imports and exports in China. There is also a brief overview of China’s auto parts industry and the future of electric vehicles in the country.

The first two editions of the book were collaborations between CEIBS, CEDARS and IESE, with Roland Berger joining the group for this year’s publication.

From left, during the book launch and signing ceremony: Mr. Clark Cheng, Managing Director of CEDARS; Jaume Ribera, CEIBS Professor of Production and Operations Management who is also the school’s Port of Barcelona Chair in Logistics; and Mr. Junyi Zhang, Head of Roland Berger’s Greater China Automotive Competence Center

From left: Donald Zhang, Senior Researcher at CEDARS along with CEDARS’ Mr. Clark Cheng; CEIBS’ Professor Jaume Ribera; Roland Berger’s Mr. Junyi Zhang; and  Roland Berger’s Principal Patrick Gao.

Cristina Castillo
Charmaine Clarke